The University of Latvia, Faculty of Chemistry invites you to join the 22nd International scientific conference "EcoBalt 2020" to be held in Riga, Latvia, October 14-17, 2020

The organizers are looking forward to see you in Riga - the city with history of more than 800 years where each century has left its figurative marks in the architecture of the Old Town – situated in an exciting European metropolis at the crossroads of eastern and northern Europe.

The conference venue will be in the recently built House of Nature, which was the first major step of the Academic Centre development programme of University of Latvia, that already is and definitely will be in the future a favourable environment for growth of talent, excellence, collaboration, world-class studies and headway in every field of science. By developing the Academic Centre, the UL acquires new, modern features, thus facilitating cooperation, promoting a synergy of study and research fields, helping to transform scientists' ideas into life quality, already being at the top of the next technology and economy development stage, thus highlighting Riga city’s place in Baltics and in Europe.

Conference Chair:

Arturs Vīksna, prof. of University of Latvia, Faculty of Chemistry